Gecko Club


Having been on the scene since their inception in 2018, Gecko Club’s unique sound has continued drawing attention from all areas of the UK. The mashup of indie, reggae and surf rock has cemented their place as one of England’s must-see bands once the COVID restrictions have been lifted. Postponed European tours shine a light onto the band’s growth in Europe as well as in the USA and Australia. The 4-piece outfit from London, are more than ready to start touring, to show off the fruits of their labour over the past 18 months.

The boys switch effortlessly between boisterous and laidback in their acclaimed live performances, with echoes of ‘London’s party band’ being thrown around more and more frequently. Their summer sounds combine perfectly with a party atmosphere to make it impossible to not tout the group as a perfect festival band. Reflecting their upwards trajectory, they filled out London venues such as O2 Islington and Hoxton Square Bar (Colours) in their first year, and subsequently graduated to selling out their first ever headline show at the iconic Camden Assembly in early 2019. With the snowball effect in play, further sold out hometown shows at Underbelly twice in 2020 and Notting Hill Arts Club in 2021 reflect Gecko Club’s sustained rise from playing to friends and family, to developing a strong fanbase in the capital which reaches the furthest corners of the globe.

Numerous releases including debut single ‘High Flyer’ and the recent release of ‘Summer 2020’, amounting to over 700,000 streams, represent the group’s genre-fluidity on top of a lack of interest for what is the norm in British Indie Music. Extracted from an interview, the band explain that they’re “not really fans of British indie as such” and take greater influence from the Australian scene. Drawing many comparisons in press releases to the likes of Sticky Fingers, Ocean Alley and Lime Cordiale, this influence is very apparent and one that Gecko Club are shaping the new British Indie scene with.