Suté Iwar


Suté Iwar is a Nigerian musician and record producer. Born on November 14th, 1992, his interest in music and performing began at 7 when his father enrolled him for piano lessons at Muson Centre, Lagos.

His style of music is Afro-Fusion, which is a mixture of African rhythms with his other musical influences. He trained as a saxophonist from the age of 12 and played in his high school band and orchestra.

Around the same time, he began to experiment with audio recording software like 

audacity, and digital audio workspaces like Fruity Loops, to produce music and record himself. This resulted in him recording his first amateur mixtape at 15, while he was in the final year of high school. He proceeded to study multimedia at Maynooth University, Ireland, and also studied for a diploma in Audio Production from the School of Audio Engineering, New York (SAE).

He released his first mixtape, Jelí, in 2014 and has had an influence in the music space in Nigeria ever since. His second mixtape, titled Visions, was released in 2015 and included the sleeper hit Mainland Cruise, which garnered him some mainstream attention in Nigeria. His debut album, Paradise, was released in August 2019. This as followed up with the COLORS EP, released in September 2020. He released his second album, 199X, in June 2021.

 Sute will release his next album, ULTRALIGHT in April 2023, featuring UK & West African artists such as WurlD, Tim Lyre, Lex Amor, Kadiata, Tay Iwar, Efe Oraka and Twelve XII.