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About Us

About Runway

Runway is an independent booking agency based in London, UK.
Set up in the spring of 2020 against a backdrop of a global pandemic, a summer of no festivals and huge challenges to the entire live sector, Runway was founded with the intention of providing artists with a home that gives them a chance to keep developing and connecting with their fans, in the good times and the bad, whether they’ve been touring for 5 months or 25 years.


Runway is committed to addressing the underlying, and often subconscious, biases that frequently affect our search for talent. As an organisation that wants to be known for valuing integrity and creative expression above all other things it makes sense that our roster should be made up of a diverse cross-section of individuals rather than having our A&R process blinkered by pre-existing stereotypes. As part of this commitment we have partnered with the Keychange Initiative and pledge to maintain a minimum of 50% female lead or majority-female artists across our roster.

Additionally, we are looking to address the racial imbalance across the artists we represent and, while we are determined not to engage in tokenism, are committed to increasing the number of non-white individuals on our roster year-on-year.

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