Martin Smith


In March 2022 acclaimed artist, songwriter and producer Martin Smith released his latest album, ‘Dancing In The Fire’, showcasing 11 powerful songs that will uplift your spirit, and featuring The Kingdom Choir, Elle Limebear, Victory Boyd and Stu G.

“This album is so dear to my heart, during the writing of this I was having a revelation of my own self, my humanness, my sadness, my joy. Everything was heightened and I think you can hear ‘gratefulness’ in these songs. I hope the songs are more honest, more direct now. Maybe you become more confident in who you are and more secure in what you want to say. I definitely worry less about what people think and so it allows you to keep on experimenting and being brave.” – Martin Smith

For three decades, the Brighton, U.K.-based Smith has been penning songs that bring fresh air to the lungs of the church, whether as a solo artist or a founding member of the ground-breaking band Delirious?. This includes favourites “Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble?,” “Waiting Here For You,” “I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever” and “History Maker.” Smith’s songs have connected many generations and inspired worship leaders and worshippers alike.