Keep Dancing Inc


How does this young band manage to combine such a vast array of influences so successfully?
Louis, Joseph and Gabrielle, like the best mixologists, give us a tasty cocktail blending the
memorable yet demanding melodies of pop’s greatests, the raw and infectious energy of the
most seasoned indie bands with irresistible electronic touches displaying rare synthmanship.
Produced with enough audacity to heighten the power of their rhythms and the beauty of their
harmonies, their songs inoculate an irresistible dance fever.

Their success in Europe, in the US and beyond speaks volume, the band’s track record is indeed
most impressive after only their first album Embrace: the BBC regularly airs the young band’s
singles, while the NME and I-D, as well as the French press, see them as the new guard of French
Touch. With Phoenix as forefathers. The band even caught the eye of prestigious fashion houses
such as Saint Laurent, Soeur or AMI with whom they have collaborated multiple times.

They also got recognition from their own peers, notably from the very ones that inspired their
music. The Parisian power trio shared the stage with Parcels, Parquet Courts, Alexis Taylor (from
Hot Chip fame), Legowelt or Johnny Jewel’s Chromatics to quote a few. Blossoms even took them
on a big European tour and Etienne Daho, the French new wave icon, for whom they also
opened, featured Keep Dancing Inc at his exhibition at the Philharmonie de Paris.

In 2024, Keep Dancing Inc is back with its second album, A Taste of Possibility, written on the
tranquil coast of Brittany. While preserving the eclecticism and richness of Embrace, ATOP truly
is a leap forward, bringing to light a more mature band, both in its music and in its lyrics. With
this new album — mix with Nathan Boddy well known for his recording wizardry for the likes of
James Blake, Nilüfer Yanya, Shame and Mura Masa to name a few — KDI gives us a lesson of
hope, perseverance and resilience and make themselves worthy of their own name. Despite all
the difficulties caused by Covid crisis, the band keeps (making us) dancing and shows us its ears
are as open and curious as they’ve ever been.